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EH Construction provides residential and commercial construction services in the Pink Hill & Jacksonville, NC area. We specialize in building energy-efficient homes and businesses. You can trust us to build your modern home or commercial building on schedule and on budget. We build energy-efficient structures using steel and clay tile to help homeowners and business owners cut down on their utility costs.

If you need solar panels or a solar water heater installed at your property, we can handle that, too. Contact us right away to discuss the many benefits of solar energy.

Commercial Construction

We'll build your energy-efficient structure from the ground up.

Commercial Construction

Residential Construction

Hire us to create your dream home.

Residential Construction

Solar Electric

Stop paying too much for electricity.

Solar Electric

Solar Water

We can reduce your hot water costs.

Solar Water

Cut Your Energy Bills Down to Size

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EH Construction offers construction services in Pink Hill & Jacksonville, NC and surrounding areas. You should hire us because:

We build durable, stylish structures

We offer residential and commercial construction services

We specialize in the integration of solar energy

We are partnered with Global Resource Options Inc.

Make the Switch To Solar Power

Trust us to complete your solar panel installation

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We can install a solar water heater on your property in no time